Adidas Tubular Moc Runner – Review + On Feet

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31 thoughts on “Adidas Tubular Moc Runner – Review + On Feet

  1. can you check out the tubular primeknit, don't think that they are good as running shoes but they are the poor man's yeezy

  2. in the UK there always a day after release £50 or less no one likes them really I had a pair of the og coulor way and the burst in one week that I had only had them on 3 times and they were on no longer than 5 hours they 3 times

  3. hey Josh could you review some Saucony Originals…Saucony has some quality stuff with cool retro style… if ur not familiar with them maybe some Saucony shadow 6000 or Saucony grid 9000…thanks josh…keep making quality vids

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