adidas Tubular Shadow Knit | Detailed Look & Review

Hey Guys! Here is a detailed look and review of the adidas Tubular Knit.

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49 thoughts on “adidas Tubular Shadow Knit | Detailed Look & Review

  1. I just got the box, greenish leather version, size 8.5. This is one of the best pair of sneakers I have ever had (light, stylish, and high quality), for everyday outdoor use, as well as indoor gym. I will not mention the web site and the price, cause it was the best deal

  2. i had a pair of these but i hated how easily they got dirty and it was pretty hard to get the stains out, they look dope af tho

  3. I love these, but I get all the black kids in my school running up to me and saying “FaKe YeEzY’s” “FaKe YeEzYs” like stfu

  4. Great Video! But just caught the Pippen 2 in the background… so jealous had that shoe like 20 years ago and loved em…

  5. Today i saw those at Marshalls i wanted them so i tried them on and………………… AND THEY WERE TOO FREAKING BIG SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MAD!!!

  6. how do these compare to the nike free rn flyknit in terms of comfort? I want shoes that are super comfy casual shoes

  7. Is the shoe very comfortable?
    i wanted to buy tjem last year at champs and they look nice (but $$) but I was very uncertain if I wanted to buy them bc of the way it it's designed (nothing to do with yeezy) bc I've never seen a show look like that lol. nevertheless if it's very comfy lile the Adidas zx flux then I'm sold. Which color is better the shadow Gray or white? I'm a size 5 in kids…

  8. I bought the grey and and white color one. I love em super comfy you can walk all day with that shoes. And it’s only sale when I bought it

  9. Go To Google And then Type: Couponsecrx Now this happens to be the purely working adidas promo codes working these days. Dont waste your free time in other coupon codes

  10. I bought ones, but they are bigger then my foot so they hurt me alot… I hate my life.. If someone can told me soome way to make them comfortable..

  11. finally!!! I found a good reviewer. All the ladies I was trying to watch just modeled it, I wanted to know fit, etc.

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