adidas Tubular Shadow Knit 'Grey' | Detailed Look and Review

Hey Guys! Here is a detailed look and review of the ‘Grey’ adidas Tubular Shadow Knit.

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32 thoughts on “adidas Tubular Shadow Knit 'Grey' | Detailed Look and Review

  1. id wear yeezys even if they werent kanyes shoe, i like all the tubular models cause theyre a runner type shoe that just look dope. all my friends try to flame me cause i wear tubulars and call them fake yeezys and water shoes 😂😂💀but at the end of the day idc cause they look nice on foot. they might seem like fake yeezys but theyre still clean regardless of the price tag ✔

  2. i see so many people buying these n saying they are like an affordable yeezy..the price difference is $50 wtf no boost

  3. Fucking youtube unsubscribed me from your channel. I've watched like every single video why would they do that? Youtube needs to get its shit together asap.

  4. Just admit that these are knock off yeezies..stop saying that this is good cuz its more affordable and can make people feel better. It's just weird ok? if you can't afford yeezies than you can't wear yeezies nor you have ability to look like kanye

  5. I picked up the full white colourway and I really wanted the full black one instead but because of where I live it wasn't available 😭 would it be a good idea to paint them? Especially with the mesh knit material on the upper??

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