Adidas Tubular Viral Women's shoes…

Adidas Tubular Viral Women’s shoes

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10 thoughts on “Adidas Tubular Viral Women's shoes…

  1. Does your gf have wide feet? Online claims to half size down (runs big) but I read on the comments that she's a 6.5 and she went for a size 7?
    I really want to buy them online however I don't know about the sizing. I'm a size 6 in general and I have semi wide feet should I go for size 6 in these shoes? Thank you in advance 🙂

  2. Is there a men's version of the tubular viral coz I've seen men wear them. And I don't mean the radial or nova btw. I just wondered if they'd brought bigger sizes or if there was a male copy

  3. Yeah I ordered my tubular radial and my box came like that pretty disappointing. better off ordering it from the Adidas itself

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