Adidas "Tubular" W/ On-Feet Review

You Can Grab Them HERE ON THE 21st-
Big Thanks To Finishline & Adidas For These!
Hat: 40 oz NYC x Magicstick Tokyo Hat (No Link)
Jacket: Art Start Collab Varsity Jacket (No Link)
Hoodie: Supreme Le Bain Hoodie (No Link)
Adidas Tiro Pants:
Zanerobe & 10DEEP Pants From
H&M Denim From H&M.
(Yes, The Music Is Different But Trust Me It’s For A Reason)
Instrumental –
Tamale Mix –
Future Mix –


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47 thoughts on “Adidas "Tubular" W/ On-Feet Review

  1. Search: Excelsior Milano on Google, go to the sale section, you will see these tubulars for 25 euros! LIKE SO EVERYONE CAN SEE!

  2. Have you ever seen a shoe that looks nice from a far, but ugly as shit when close? These are it! They should be called the Adidas Optical Illusions.

  3. aye bro i have a question…are they true to size because im a size 9.5 but dnt kno if i should half size up jUst in case

  4. yo bro where did u get this exact one with the white lace tab but everything else black. just like urs bro can u tell me

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