Adidas Tubular X "Wheat" Review

Awesome hybrid sneaker and perfect for anyone living in the fall climate!

The Shoe:

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30 thoughts on “Adidas Tubular X "Wheat" Review

  1. I would love to find these in a 8 but this is a 2015 release sooo I'll probably find Wally before I get my hands on these.

  2. hey bro I been searching everywhere for those exact shoes but I can only find them on ebay an i don't really trust it

  3. what shirt did you wear them with I got close to the same jeans you have on video but I'm indecisive about the shirt color ?

  4. Whoops, just saw in your description you have the eastbay link. Why isn't this shoe everywhere though? Is it exclusive?

  5. Gotcha! Another question. After I watched your review I went onto champs and footlocker and even finish line and couldn't find this shoe. The only place I found it was online at and I ended up ordering them. Is that a legit site? And why aren't these nice ass wheats advertised more than the black red and blue?

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