1. The Adidas Ultimashow is basically the ultra boost shoe but has a cloud foam mid sole instead of boost. When compared to the boost , cloud foam seems to be a little lighter & a little more stiff feeling , not quit as squishy , still very very comfortable. I think the cloud foam mid sole is highly underrated. I almost want to say that the cloud foam feels & performs better than the boost. I'd like to hear what other people think about the two different cushioning materials when compared to each other.

  2. Hai iam srinivas from india iam using pureboost go it is comfy and cushioning but I can feel small stones and hard surfaces on the forefoot it is painful that is I can feel ground but at the heel it is bouncy how can I run in these shoes made a mistake of buying these shoes

  3. That was a pretty okay review. I'm just glad everyone hypes this ultra boost shoe up. That way the Pureboost, and other boost are marked down so i can afford a comfortable shoe. I honestly can't tell the difference when I'm trying them on at footlocker.

  4. I’m probably the only person but I absolutely hate the pureboost go’s. Way too squishy with no stability. I don’t have any joint problems etc but after working for 12 hours as a floor nurse it cause ankle knee hip and lower back pain. Again prob just me. Now the newer pureboost DPR and 2019 pulseboost hd have good stability and low to the ground. Just glad adidas has so many varieties. Just hard to know which ones do what. Trial and error.

  5. i am not a sneakerhead at all, this was super helpful in helping me decide ultra vs pureboost. thanks man, appreciate ya

  6. I was about to buy the pure boost but seth just kills me man….fuck it ill save my lunch money and go for the ultra boost ……and if it doesn't feel like standing on clouds ill unsubscribe seth…..😂😂

  7. It's been to known that the circle knit on the pure boost is actually more breathable and also that the rubber on the pure boost on the outer sole is thicker and the circles of rubber on the bottom are bigger so the pure boost is more durable and breathable

  8. i'm born with a not too rare condition, the dreaded pes planus (fallen arches) aka flat feet. i love shoes, but my flipper shaped feet & wide soles make it really difficult to find comfortable fitting shoes.

    i own a pair of aerobounce, which offers decent support for the arch, but as we all know, bounce is less plush than boost, and insole width is still far from comfy.

    to date, i'm eternally grateful that adidas created the pure boost. the curved outsole does prevent the midsole from crashing down, and offers enough support & comfort for me.

    p.s.: not sure if u have any influence with adidas, but i truly wish they'd never stop producing the pure boost 2017 mid & outsole design.

  9. do u think i can wear pureboost casually, and does pureboost looks good with jeans,jogget,shorts?? sry for my grammar

  10. Pureboost wears great true to size and the toe box is actually wider than the ultraboost. 10.5 was perfect for me and I measure at a 10.ihave extremely wide feet and a narrow heel. Adidas fit me well true to size. Nike I have to go extra wide or 11 wide just to get my last toe on the insole.

  11. Most of my shoes get hole in the big toe section. If I buy ultraboost, will it get holes as I use it? Or does it not get holes because of the stretchy upper material

  12. I’d go with the ultra boost any day. I hate the weird things near the heel of the pure boosts and I think that the perks that come with the ultra boosts are worth the extra $40 (which isn’t that much imo)

  13. You are the best channel for sneakerheads on youtube ,whenever i search about a sneaker i literally type " shoe name seth fowler"

  14. I tried the Ultraboost 4.0 and everytime I take a step, my toe nails just keep on banging onto the toe guard area. I've even tried half size up.
    I had Cloudfoam size: 8.5, Bounce size: 8

  15. This video was incredibly helpful, but you said short distance running bestter stability etc, but what if I dance ? Like I do pretty, I wanna say hardcore dances, think BTS (Blood Sweat & Teras, Not Today, Mic Drop, Fake Love) so is that technically short distance running ? or like long term, cuz I honestly walk alot as well, and for long periods of time sometimes, so if someone could tell me what's best I'd love to hear it, and also the reasons.

    My foot size is arround 9.5 US men
    (I'm a 6 feet, 132 pound Boi so I'm tall and skinny (yes I do eat a lot trust me I empty fridges but my stomach is an abyss) I'm saying all this so you guys can sorta see what might fit me better type-of-thing.

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