Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 vs Ultra Boost 2.0!

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29 thoughts on “Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 vs Ultra Boost 2.0!

  1. Can you do a does it basket ball or casual use for the Nike free rn motion fk 2017? they are $150 but I went to a place called Champs for $99.99 it's dope.

  2. hey, i went half size up in 3.0 and my toe was still poking out, i wonder what size should i go in 2.0? half size up or full size?

  3. Ohhh yall BOOST BOYS like when they do absolutely nothing to your shoe oh okay starting to get you guys… hey stop comparing these to Vapormax you can't go hard in Boost(mall crawlers)

  4. I don't like how the outsole has holes just like the NMD's it.
    If I step on something it the actual boost will get dirty especially if I step on something wet.

  5. Hey solebrothers, I have the 2.0 in the all whites and onix already, is it worth for me to spend money and effort to get the 3.0s? I live in canada so i gotta pay a lot more too btw. Thanks

  6. i would also say go down half a size on the ultra boost 3.0, i own all 3 and the primeknit seems thinner and looser on the 3.0 and I was able to go down half a size from my 1.0 and 2.0 size for a better fit

  7. Few more notable differences: The 3.0 heel cup plastic is a bit softer and maybe a tad wider and the size runs a little bigger/longer. I wear size 9 and the 3.0 is definitely longer; feels/looks more like a 9.25 so going down half a size will make for a better fit. The primeknit on 3.0 feels a bit too stretchy and kinda prefer 2.0 as it feels more durable/thicker but I can wear regular socks and leave the insole in on the 3.0's. On the 2.0's I have to take out the insoles and wear thin socks, otherwise it's too tight, especially around the heel. 2 cents. 🙂

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