Adidas Ultra Boost Triple White 2.0 Unboxing + On Feet


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20 thoughts on “Adidas Ultra Boost Triple White 2.0 Unboxing + On Feet

  1. Great video for a beginner!! I agree with the comments by Anthony Levine. Another suggestion would be to try and get like a monopod stand for your camera/camcorder or cellular device so it will be a bit more steady when doing the close up shots of the shoe. I never thought about doing the multiple changing of pants either, but living in Georgia in the USA it is way to warm to switch pants multiple times lmao.

    Oh and by the way love the random outtakes in the beginning of the video. It shows that we are human and we're always bound to mess up lmao. Definitely giving you a sub and if you haven't already return the favor as well. Keep up the great work because there's always room to improve and that goes for my channel as well. If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to drop them in one of our many videos.

  2. Sick video,I do shoe reviews and on feet videos and it'd be great if you can check it out 🙂

  3. NICE BRO.. i like how you do the different pants with them.. i hadnt thought of that… i hit u with a subscribe if you could return the favor id appreciate it.. youtube flagged your comment as spam lol but i approved it so we good.. thanks man.. gonna watch all ur vids thru the end too so i dont kill your watch time average haha… peace…

  4. great video. If you want a bit of advice – you have your voice super quiet and then the music comes in blaring, its really jarring. My 2 cents would be to try and keep all the audio around the same volume so I'm not scrambling to turn the volume down partway thru

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