Today I’m doing an early review and on foot of the brand new Adidas UltraBoost Uncaged!


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  1. kindly suggest some nike pants. i just ordered adidas grey training pants and tiro tapered version. and 2 shirts too. wanted to guide for nike pants. thanx.

  2. Just picked up a pair of Carbon Uncaged Ultraboosts. Compared to the caged Ultraboost Climas I have, the Uncaged feels 3x tighter. The shoes I bought fit me really tight, constricted my feet. Both were size 10. They’re even tighter than my 9.5 NMD’s. Maybe a half size up would’ve done better for me, idk tho because length wise was good at toe box and heel cup but even with the laces loose as hell still too tight around middle of foot. I like the way they looked on feet but definitely snuggg. These without the insoles were still tighter than my Ultraboost Climas and Primeknit NMD’s with insoles in both. . Laces literally super loose. Have only seen a handful of people in the comments with my same experience so maybe it’s just my foot shape/size.

  3. 3:41 Listen, I've had nearly every version of the Ultra Boost and Pure Boost. They're the most comfy shoe ever. BUT… the one area they let themselves down is the out sole. It does not "last you for ever" in fact it doesn't age well at all. IF you use them for just running shoes you'll be fine, but if you are thinking of using them as an every day casual shoe they will not last long. Three months in you'll start to see it very wore down in the front and most likely the boost will start to tear in the same area.

    The ATR series (all terrain) have a much stronger out sole which will last longer though, but does make the shoe a bit heavier.

  4. Please helppp. I got my Ultraboost wet in a downpour and that resulted on the paint in the Ultraboost logo to come off (no, I'm not kidding. It was because of a simple puddle). It now looks uglyyy since it kinda reads like "tra boost" and "ultra boo" instead. What can I do??? I do have a metallic marker but I'm too worried to actually try it out. Any suggestions would help. Thanks 🙂

  5. Got it black for 90 at dtlr on sale it went out in a few mins. When i checked only my size was avaliable and after i got it, it went out of stock

  6. If I'm not mistaken these Caged are neutral while the normal Ultraboost works with supination and also work with little pronation and the UB ST is recommended for people with severe overpronation.

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