Adidas Ultraboost 19

Given that UB20 will be releasing in about 48 hours, I realize that it’s super late to review this shoe. But with some colors of the UB19 now available at $108, I thought it might still be interesting to take a look.

(Sorry for the double post. The original upload had an error in the video render.)

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25 thoughts on “Adidas Ultraboost 19

  1. Sorry for the repost. But the original video I uploaded had a render error and the last few minutes were missing.
    It’s been a crazy week.

  2. Did you ever do a later miles review? Guess you may not have got to it, with other priorities (that marathon and all!). I am thinking of picking up a pair of 2019s at current low prices as I can use them for casual wear to work (IT – what can I say?) and use them for lunch time runs without having to carry spare shoes. I have been using Vomero 14s for that, but they are now about done.

  3. Thanks for the review! I had some questions cause I'm still trying to figure out the sizing.

    I guess for comparison I have the Nike Zoom Fly SP in size 10.5 that I've been using as my main running shoe now. I bought both the sizes 10 and 10.5 in Ultraboost 19 but am not sure which feels better. Do you feel that your heel is shifting slightly up and down in the shoe? I've felt some discomfort from running in the size 10.5, but feel that the 10 are snug, but might break in after time.

    Let me know! Thanks

  4. got the ultraboost 20 for xmas and i have to say the fit is better then the 19 and also like it a bit more then 1080v10 as a daily trainer 3rd run so far and the only down fall is the price but then again looks like will last long so many colour ways so I would say great running shoe for daily trainer so far with 30km so far more supportive then the boston 8 but still think they all have a purpose and dont feel like its heavy

  5. New Balance 990v5 has a 12 mm heel drop! Anyways, just found these in grey for $75, a steal! Thanks for the great review, per usual!

  6. This is probably the best review on UB19. I bought them and I had to ruturned them. Altough the primeknit is awesome, UB19 are too heavy (more boost is not necessary) and yes the drop is excessive, I suffer metatarsagia and these shoes were such a painfull experience. Adidas ruined UB.. Now I am really enjoying Nike Pegasus Turbo 🙂 Cheers from Argentina.

  7. If you see an UltraBOOST for 70$ on sale pick them up ASAP you won’t regret them for comfort and day to day wearing however they’re quite heavy for running in with that thick boost midsole

  8. I have a torn fascia ligament in both feet and adidas lack of arch makes them a great fit. I can't wear anything with an aggressive arch. I usually train in adidas solar boost because the sole is a little stiffer than ultra boost, or nike pegasus shield on bad weather days

  9. Nice honest and detailed review! I'm sold on these now for a lifestyle/casual purpose. Too many other great running shoes for these in the rotation. Great looks and value though

  10. Ultraboost is a neutral shoe, so if you needs more support, get e Solarboost.

    I ran a marathon with it and it doesn’t feel that heavy even compared to Adios4.

    The weight distribution is good so it doesn’t make it as heavy as other shoes with similar weight.

    Do agree that we need to strengthen your legs a bit if your flexible flat feet.

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