Adidas UltraBOOST 19 Review & On Feet (UltraBoost 2019)

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Today I’m reviewing the New Adidas UltraBoost 19! The Ultra Boost 19 features a primeknit 360 upper and a 20% larger Boost midsole. The Ultraboost 2019 released on December 15th and will rerelease in February 2019. The Adidas Ultra Boost 2019 was previously thought to be the Ultraboost 5.0 but was officially announced by Adidas as the UltraBoost 19. Check out the review to learn more!

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31 thoughts on “Adidas UltraBOOST 19 Review & On Feet (UltraBoost 2019)

  1. i got my ultra boost 19 from scheels. my shoe didn’t come in the yellow/ white box, it came in a black adidas box. It had everything on it. ( shoe size, shoe picture, and all the other info. these are still legit right??

  2. 1. The cage is important as it has laces. It’s see through. It’s a new material. It’s lightweight.
    2. The heel cup connects the upper heel to the lower boost to strengthen that area without excessive plastic needed.
    3. The extra 20% boost material added weight so they lightened the two above aspects.
    4. I got a pair recently and it’s comparable to Yeezy 350 V.2 and the Y-3 Triple black UB.
    5. They’re all superior to Nike.
    6. If I designed these shoes, the heel cup would be carbon fibre and the cage would be black. The prime knit would be all black. The tongue top would be stiffer to grab onto. The sole would be 1mm thicker up front then gradually to 2mm at the rear.
    7. Adidas, you’ve got work to do mate.

  3. Been wearing only ultra boost since 2016, I have every era of boost and the ‘19 is by far my favorite in terms of styling and comfort. From the first release I’ve loved them.

  4. What size would you recommend for a size 9.5 in vans. This would be my first time buying adidas ultraboost. I need help with sizing.

  5. I wouldn't consider the "heel frame" a heel cup because it isn't inside of the shoe or part of the outer. It's a frame around the outside of the already existing heel cup which provides additional stability hence, a heel frame.

  6. I tried these sneakers at the Adidas store, they are not ideal for people with high insteps and my instep isn't even that high. It feels snug despite trying several sizes, is the fact that they fused the tongue to sneaker. It basically doesn't have a tongue which is retarded. I have Reeboks where the tongue is not totally fused and it doesn't feel snug. They don't look as nice in person and the cushion isn't that much better than my Reeboks. I wonder if the original ultraboost would fit better.

  7. Hello, what is the size like? is it true to the scale? I am 10 and wondering if I should get 10.5 or 11 just to be safe

  8. IDK why, but I think that the ultraboost 19s look amazing. I like the heel because it looks very modern and futuristic. and the cage, even though I agree that the original ultraboost's cage looks better I like the more performance looking cage on the 19s. And finally, I LOVE how it is more of a snug fit, cuz it feels just like its part of your foot.

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