Adidas Ultraboost CAGED vs UNCAGED Comparison

Adidas Ultraboost Caged vs Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged
“Silver Pack”

Adidas Ultraboost “Caged”
*Performance Sneaker
*Fits True To Size
*Snugger Fit

Adidas Ultraboost “Uncaged”
*Lifestyle Sneaker
*Snug Fit but not as much Support
*Fits True To Size


Let me know which sneaker you guys got!

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Adidas Ultraboost Caged
Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged
Silver Pack
Super Bowl
On Feet
On Foot
Ralph Porteria


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49 thoughts on “Adidas Ultraboost CAGED vs UNCAGED Comparison

  1. I have a pair of double white uncaged and double black caged. Fucking hate them both ugliest shoe I've ever owned; really comfy doe.

  2. Am I the only one who loves the Ultraboost mainly for that nice padded collar and tongue? I feel like they ruined the new ones by removing the collar padding, and it's the main thing that I don't like on the uncaged version as well. That house booty type look that the collar gave, as well as the comfort, is what made the Ultraboost so popular in the first place. There's lots of other knit sneakers with boost that aren't nearly as popular.

  3. I went to the official adidas website and realized uncaged is way more expensive and looks so cool so I bought the white uncaged it’s the best shoe ever had

  4. I like the caged version better, but then again I only use them for athletic and some lifestyle purposes. I mostly rock the nmd cs2 for lifestyle tho

  5. tried on both…
    i really wanted to get the caged version bc i thought the uncaged looked a bit odd
    i ended up buying the uncaged bc the caged felt to restricting on the sides while the uncaged fit really snug and nice(plus the triple white uncaged is dope)
    both shoes are really nice looking but i do slightly prefer the uncaged

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