Adidas X19+ REVIEW | the upgrade we've been waiting for

adidas X19+ review – in today’s video review of the adidas X19+ football boots, JayMike takes a closer look at the brand new, updated adidas X19+ football boots from the 302 Redirect Pack as we take them for a play test to see if they’re as much of an improvement as adidas claim. The adidas X19+ football boots have seen a change in the upper material, and in today’s X19+ review we will tell you if the change from Skeletalweave to the new, thinner, softer and lighter X-layskin will improve the adidas X19+ football boots compared to the previous version of adidas’ speedboot, the X18+. As you can expect, our review of the X19+ football boots will dive into topics such as fit, comfort, size, width, touch and traction from the outsole in order to give you the best idea about whether the adidas X19+ football boots are the right fit for you with our latest football boots review.


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22 thoughts on “Adidas X19+ REVIEW | the upgrade we've been waiting for

  1. Let me ask about the size of ADIDAS X and Nemeziz with the same size or the size increase
    Currently I am going to Nemeziz 19.3 just right
    And is planning to buy a pair of Adidas X 19+
    I don't know if these two couples are different

  2. I've had literally every top end boot for 10 seasons, and these oh my absolute game changer I've got down half a size and these laceless are simply incredible!

  3. oh, this is my favorite football shoes. But i don't buy this.
    Because this is very expensive.
    X 19+ is very great football shoes

  4. can you deliver your products to India , plaease? If yes, plaease reply
    thank you Unisport and have a nice day I wish

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