Adidas X_PLR Review! | The Broke Sneakerhead

This is my very first sneaker review! I’ll to improve as i go on!
Note: I will not be doing reviews of shoes that are over the top expensive, because the point of this is to show you guys that you can get awesome shoes and not have to pay over 500 dollars. 😀

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Filmed with: Sony Hdr sr12

Editing Software Used: Sony Vegas pro 11

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Wallpaper – Kevin Mcleod
kickin’ it – Jingle Punks
Cielo – Huma Huma




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49 thoughts on “Adidas X_PLR Review! | The Broke Sneakerhead

  1. I just came across your channel and i am a new subscriber. The problem i have encountered while trying to buy this pair is that i can not find this colourway anywhere at all at The moment the official adidas website sells them in kids sizes dang!

    I love you work bud keep it up. Great content.

  2. hey! i've ordered mine and on the site they said i should take 1 size smaller than my usual size… but on your video you said half size bigger
    i'm starting to questioning myself ;_;

  3. i bought the same shoes a couple of months ago, but it came with the regular lace. how did you get that speed lace thing? thanks

  4. Your eyes make me feel like you could pull off being a girl with make up on. The ends od your eyes have been turned up so i thought you were a girl for a moment

  5. Good video dude, with the laces you can either cut them off and replace with some skinny rope laces or you can simply just tuck the excess elastic under the next row of laces at the next set down of eyelets. That's what I've done in the past : )

  6. Would you recommend them for orthopedics? I want a shoe that will fit with my orthopedic soles, I have flat feet which can't really be resolved unless I use orthopedics

  7. Move To Google And Type: Couponsecrx This is without a doubt the purely working adidas promo codes working from this month. Do not waste your available free time on other software

  8. I have a pair of ice pink they look so much like nmds I didn't want to buy nmds (they were to expensive ) they look so similar but nicer and nit as ott it's so nice comfy I love them

  9. How to buy shoes on a budget:

    Shop a Ross, Marshalls, Payless Shoe Sources, Walmart, and Target.

  10. hello my name is jewel andrea rivera im from gingoog city someone told me that your from cebu… I just wanted you to know that im your huge fan😊

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