Hi ALL! I hope you find this video helpful! For all business enquiries please contact Camera I used to film this video: Canon EOS 60D …



  1. I am a size 9 in women’s and I have struggled SOO much with getting the right size. I originally got a 8.5 in men’s and it was way to big. Then I got an 8 and it’s still too big so I’m now going to order a 7.5 and PRAY that they finally fit

  2. quick question: are they true to size? because i’m a 6 in womens (which is 4.5 in men’s) but i’m not sure if i should get them half a size smaller/bigger because that’s what i had to do with the NMD’s that i got. i had to get them 5.5 and they fit perfect but i don’t know if i have to do that with this shoe too?

  3. I’m a size 6.5 in women’s so I can’t even find my size in men’s so I had to get kids… which doesn’t have a big color selection unfortunately

  4. Sick vid liked subbed and I did the same vid on my channel haha mind checking it out and maybe subscribing thanks a lot and have a nice day

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