Adidas Y-3 Pure Boost Unboxing, Review, On Feet and comparison to OG Y3 pureboost zg knit

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Today’s video: One of the most highly anticipated sneakers for me for sure. Today, we will be doing an unboxing, review and on feet of the Adidas Y3 pure boost AND comparing them to the Y-3 PureBoost zg knit aka the “everyday” sneaker popularized by Jerry Lorenzo. I hope you enjoy this sneaker review!


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  1. itzmychannel 2 weeks ago

    sucks they only resell for 200 haha

  2. Tomas GRAVGAARD 2 weeks ago

    Got The all Black for 94 dollars

  3. Andrei Teodorescu 2 weeks ago

    Can you please tell me if the sizes are same as the Adidas models, I want to buy some sneakers from Y-3 and i want to know if I should order the same size as Adidas one.

  4. steven sowell 2 weeks ago

    I wear uk 10 on ultraboost 4.0, what size should i get on these?

  5. Communist Chicken 2 weeks ago

    Can someone please get back to me I'm trying to buy a pair of these resell but yohji Yamamoto is completely worn off and the seller claims it's from wear is it true that this could be the case?

  6. Mr. Mioto 2 weeks ago

    it isnt continental

  7. MIKE .W 2 weeks ago

    Does anyone know if its safe to spay crep protect on these y3

  8. MIKE .W 2 weeks ago

    Just bought these in blue for $147.00

  9. TheArtkaw 2 weeks ago

    Are you Filipino?

  10. ok so basically 2 weeks ago

    watch Jerry wear these once and resell goes up by $500 lmao

  11. ok so basically 2 weeks ago

    Should I cop this for $230? This guy is offering that because this was too big and he already got one his size

  12. BladesFN 2 weeks ago

    I was gonna buy these without knowing the hype but saw the prices and was confused did research and ended up being disappointed thankfully the white ones are sitting some placed so those are a good relacemenf

  13. Andrew Nguyen 2 weeks ago

    Hey, man. how's the sizing on these? should i go a full size down like the zg knit?

  14. Modern 2 weeks ago

    OG Y3 pureboost zg knit
    The text on the mid stripe on both of my OG Y3 pureboost zg knit is not all there, can I paint the text again or what to do?

  15. Nicholas D'Andrea 2 weeks ago

    yo where are those first pair of light wash jeans from?

  16. Ryan Pang 2 weeks ago

    Amazing video brotha. Should've known that they ran 1/2 a size big. Stuck with my US 10.5 now and need a US 10. Looking to sell my Deadstock US 10.5 for retail if anybody here needs one.

  17. Jay Bertola 2 weeks ago


  18. Dugan Miller 2 weeks ago

    Hey guys go check out Van Johnson's channel he is a very dope sneaker page and he is doing a giveaway! Just look up Van Johnson

  19. Alex Tebelew 2 weeks ago

    Great video 🤙🏼
    This Pure Boosts have the new Pure Boost 2.0 sole and the old Upper, it's no Ultra Boost sole though.

  20. JustHereToPassTime 2 weeks ago

    Tried this shoe in store then i saw the price tag, put it straight back on display 😭. Great video though!

  21. Gav 2 weeks ago

    i wish the one jerry wears wasnt so hyped 🙁

  22. HiRock Beats 2 weeks ago

    i like them on the black denim more

  23. Nick Zuffante 2 weeks ago

    dope video and super sweet pickup! that flannel is dope as well, where can i cop one?

  24. angelom 2 weeks ago

    amazing review! the OG y3s were the best in comfort and style imo. I've owned the 350 v1 and v2s, and ultra boost but the og y3s blew them out of the water for me. Idk since I have wide feet, it felt better for me. and these crystal white still haven't arrived in the mail LOL

  25. thecomment dav 2 weeks ago

    Is there any way of getting these, or a pair of yeezys for retail online? I had to pay $240 for a pair of zebra ultra boost simply cause I can't find anything for retail

  26. Ceci Leonen 2 weeks ago

    Great video as always Paul! Where's the flannel that you're wearing in the vid from? If you don't mind me asking 😊

  27. Ahmed Name 2 weeks ago

    Hey paul i love you so much broo. Pls can u help me i have a purpose tour t shirt over size and i don t how to style it


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