Adidas Y-3 Tangutsu | Review & Styling

howdy. I quick video on the Y-3 Tangutsu fashion sneaker

big thanks to my friends sam and keith for the beats:

#adidasy3 #Y3


13 thoughts on “Adidas Y-3 Tangutsu | Review & Styling

  1. You have a great sense of style that is economical, easy to follow, comfortable, and looks effortless. I can easily see myself wearing almost all the outfits

  2. LOVE your videos man, your style/fits are a HUGE inspiration. I'm about to pick up some amazon cargo's and do some DIY magic on them using your video as a guide, hopefully they turn out as well as yours did, how did the DWR on them hold up? anyways, great video, loving the upload frequency lately as well.

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