Adidas Yung 1 Unboxing and on Feet Review

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Welcome to My Sneaker – the channel where we keep it real. Today wit the Adidas Yung 1 in white. Chunky dad bod, 90s retro sneaker with a lot of comfort and style.



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18 thoughts on “Adidas Yung 1 Unboxing and on Feet Review

  1. Hey, first of all, great video! I am thinking about getting the yung 1 in black to wear this winter, but I am not sure how winter-friendly they are. Wenn das material, vorallem das mesh vorne, sehr winddurchlässig ist wäre es natürlich nicht so ideal.

  2. Hi, your videos are just cool and really love them, it makes a long time that I follow you and see your videos and the quality stay the same !!!! And can you tell me the brand of your sweatpants that feel so comfortable looks really with the Adidas Young 1 ?

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