39 thoughts on “Adidas Z.N.E LookBook | Best Hoodie or just Hype?

  1. I really want the red one…but there are not available now…there are only the zne with the polyester….does any store have it still?(e-shop would be better because i am from greece)

  2. Great video ! Loved it .

    Suppose if have to buy a ZNE , should I go for a size bigger than what I usually wear ? Or is it fine if I just order the exact size .

    Just don't want it to be completely body fit.

  3. GOD BLESS YOU brother , have a blessed year mane , the LORD got yu and loves you so much . get right with GOD before its too late . JESUS CHRIST ❤️

  4. Hello. I am 5'7''/1,70 and 163lbs/73kgs I want to know if you are near this height or weight. I want to cop this jacket, but online and can't find it anywhere to try on. Should I cop S?

  5. guys just an advice I have the nike icon fleece in size L and it fits me perfectly and this one in size L is a bit longer and wider but M was out of stock

  6. I have regular z.n.e. hoodie, how is the sizing compared to the travel hoodie (gray)? I use L in the regular z.n.e. but i have heard that you should go down a size?

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