adidas ZX 10,000 JC early access | FACEBOOK group reminder

adidas ZX 10,000 JC early access | FACEBOOK group reminder

We are so grateful for receiving an early Christmas present from the adidas Team in Germany. adidas ends the year as well as it started the year with another amazing pair of the ZX10,000 in navy blue crafted from the hands of the genius that is JC.

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18 thoughts on “adidas ZX 10,000 JC early access | FACEBOOK group reminder

  1. Cant believe you can still pick these up. Thought they would have went quick smart. ZX 10000 in all c/w have been quality, they really nailed it. Got me back into runners.

  2. Amazing shoe great colours and would definitely buy , but I know the aquas a release again shortly and they’ve been on my want list for a long time . Keep up the great work guys 👍🏻

  3. Adidas smashed it with these, best looking newer release in a long time for the ZX. Love the 3M accents with the added choice of NMD 3M Laces. Just want to say thank you for the videos this year, hope you both have a Merry Christmas!

  4. totally agree guys, the best new silhouette from adidas is the last 5 years at least, zx10,000 fantastis shoe best of 2019 for me, and thankyou Danny and Lance for all your excellent vids this year. Wishing you all a happy christmas and a great new year.

  5. Adidas fox brothers campus nice trainers – yeah definitely look good in anyone's collection. Again enjoy yourselves. 🍻🍻🍻

  6. Aqua colour does them justice. They're definitely special occasions trainers – in the box rest of the year. Good review and Danny eat some hot spicy foods for a cold. It's not good. Enjoyed that again guys. All the best and enjoy Christmas. 👍

  7. It's a skip for me. Why? Go to 8min 30sec. That's the kind of colour that I was hoping from a JC edition – full throttle ZX colour pops! Agree re best new silhouette. Overkill 'I can if I want' probably the best and most original release this year. Grinds my gears that Complex had Jordan 4 OG 'bred' on their list… a trainer that is exactly the same as it was in 1989. How is that even eligible!

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