Adidas ZX 500 RM On Feet Sneaker Review

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Check out this on foot video review of the Adidas ZX 500 RM and click the link above if you want to grab a pair. Let me know if you’re feeling these in the comments!


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24 thoughts on “Adidas ZX 500 RM On Feet Sneaker Review

  1. Definitely falling in love with this retro/chunkier shoe vibe. Got a pair of 574 sports, just ordered a pair of Gel Lyte V's, and these are on the wishlist!

  2. Hi, Im wearing a size UK8 for EQT SUPPORT 91/17. Does the size and cutting of ZX500 same or similar to EQT SUPPORT 91/17?
    I've tried on some others like Tennis Hu, size UK8 but seems too big and I gotta wear UK7.5.
    Planning to get this online cos it's not available here in my country yet.

    Thanks! 🙂

  3. Hey man, I wear an 11 in Ultra Boost and 10.5 in NMD R1's. Which sizing would you say this shoe leans towards?? Thanks and great review!

  4. Have you seen the new eqt 91/18 I think it's called. They've given it a Boost sole. Worth checkin out. Also one called the Dimension Low top. Both Cool Kicks. 👟👟👈 😯👌

  5. These are Mega Comfortable. Totally agree with you though and find these give you a little bit more Stability round the Rear end. The Blocks could of maybe been a tiny bit softer but I find the I-12345678910 a little bit too long… the title of them, that is. hahaha… no!! just mess in a boot. I do find the Iniki/i'-59.23 & a 1/2 too squishy and I nearly roll my ankle in them which isn't good cause last time I fell over I snapped my foot off and now have some Lego plate holding it back together again. 😖😐 I do tend to walk funny though as I've got a massive di… CUUUUT!! 😆🤔. Great onfootage again Mate. I think I should definitely take a few leaves out of your book though. Well, mine's ran out, hasn't it!! Just about to watch the Flyknit Review so expect utter nonsense on there too hahaha. God Bless Mate. (They look a little like the Raptor 4's colourway 😍😲. Although the screen has gone very dark now so they probably dont 🤔🤨. 🤟😉👍

  6. Have you ever own a pair of Asics gel-ds trainer og? If so, what are your thoughts on the shoe? Cheers

    Those adidas look great.

  7. Adidas finally is using boost on retro inspired models, something i have been wishing for months now. There's too much performence looking boost shoes already. We pretty much only had the iniki, but now we have the ZX 500 RM and i'm looking forward to the Adidas EQT ZX.

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