Adidas ZX Flux ADV Review & Unboxing | Asos Rant

I had to rant about Asos because they have done just too much that upset me recently…but their shipping is decent. lol

This shoe is mad comfy y’all….I recommend y’all to cop.

Men’s 8″ Premium Boots Tan Wheat

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26 thoughts on “Adidas ZX Flux ADV Review & Unboxing | Asos Rant

  1. Hi, i love ur video and i bought that shoes yesterday. When i worn it i felt like shit because this sole is very hard. It hurt my heel :(( did u feel like that?

  2. Damn I just bought NMDs from there. I hope they dont get fucked up. Btw how long did you wait for them to ship? I’m kinda scared now…

  3. hey, since theyre adidas originals should I go a full size down? Im a size 7 in mens and got a pair of adidas superstars and they were too big.

  4. I wish I could wear trainers like this but I don't think they suit me at all …these are nice tho and the colour will deffo suit you .

  5. I seen the same pic & I thought the stripes were iridescent, not just clear. I'm a little disappointed now but they're still bomb.

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