Adidas ZX Torsion "Solar Red / White": Review & On-Feet

Adidas is set to drop the “Solar Red” pack tomorrow, September 28th, which consists of five sneakers draped in a striking red hue. My latest review covers the all new ZX Torsion model, which incorporates various elements of past Torsion models with a modern day update. Thanks to the Adidas Canada family for sending me over this pair!


Music: DJ Grumble – Etc2


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16 thoughts on “Adidas ZX Torsion "Solar Red / White": Review & On-Feet

  1. I'm watching this because ts black Friday and this is on sale. I really like the look of this shoe, but I also wide feet so I'm not sure if I shoud get this

  2. Quick observation…There’s a lot of space overhead when you are in frame. When recording, can you place the camera view in such a way that when I “zoom to fill” on my iPhone 10 and above, you remain centred and the shoe, when in hand, is still visible within the frame? When I “zoom to fill” this video, it cuts the shoes in hand out of frame. Just an observation… The videos are great and amazing quality! Can’t complain about that!!👌🏽

  3. First? I actually kind of dig the silhouette, esp in a simpler colour way like this one. Got that retro vibe going for it so I might pick these up for the right price

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