ADJ Focus Spot Series Comparison

Focus Spot One…
Focus Spot Two…
Focus Spot Three Z…


28 thoughts on “ADJ Focus Spot Series Comparison

  1. Good review man! Would you recommend/discourage hanging 3-4 mini moving heads (comparable in size to the adj stinger/chauvet intimidator) from a T-bar? Thanks!

  2. hey Joe! (quote Jimmy Hendrix)
    very informative review on these babies. i'm gathering a bit more info on them since i wanna narrow down my wedding band setup here in Austria. right now we have 4 pocket spots, which are nice but just don't live up to the desired output and wow-effect.
    since i'm the drummer, i don't really have hands free to slide faders or push numerous buttons. so my question is if you could recommend a simple but effective programming tool, where it would be possible to pre-record and fine tune some cool shows and then just play them like on a button-sampling machine or other interface like and android or i_Pad? saw your demo with the i_Pad and was wondering which hard/Software you were using?
    i just wanna be able to press a button before we start a song, maybe switch at the bridge part and then black it out at the end… any thoughts?
    i would really appreciate you feedback sometime.
    Greetings from Vienna, Johnny

  3. The zoom on the 3z is useful if you want to adjust the beam angle even though it's slow and only moves within 5 degrees.

  4. Great video!  The only thing that I don't understand is why anyone would purchase a Focus Spot Two over an Inno Spot Pro?  The Inno Spot Pro is slightly brighter, has a "rotating" prism versus a non-rotating prism and also has movement feedback  (a very important feature if you want your moving heads to be "in sync" all night).  Also, here in the US the Inno Spot Pro is $150 dollars cheaper than the Focus Spot Two.  Am I missing something?

  5. You should do a video comparing the MA range to the ETC ION with a fader wing. What is each console best used for? Thanks.

  6. Great comparison. I have a question are these your own fixtures, as in -did you buy them? It seems you only talk about ADJ products, just curious because there is no AD disclaimer. Do you work or get paid to review these products. Does ADJ just send these to you for review and if so do you have to return them?

  7. very good comparison Joe! have to agree with you on the zoom on the focus spot 3! personally I would emit the UV LED I think it's ugly and adds very little as it's so weak

  8. Really good overview, after seeing the in-depth reviews of each fixture. These videos contributed to my purchase decision on buying moving heads last week. Good work Joe 😀

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