Adjectives and Prepositions | Learn British English with Lucy | #Spon

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31 thoughts on “Adjectives and Prepositions | Learn British English with Lucy | #Spon

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  2. It is true that your culture & trditions have made it a normal custom to consume wine like drugs.. but you are a so influenced youtube teacher and I also recommend your videos to my students as well and students from all over the world may also be following you so it is greate if you could avoid promoting wine like things.. specially because our people don't have wine in abundance so under age student might access to other kinds of drugs.. I beg your pardon if you find this inconvenient in any way.. other than that thank you very much for helping people like us to improve our english knowledge.. Finally I hope you would understand & bear my poor English. Thank you very much teacher. (Sri lankan )

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  4. Correct!

    There shall be a confusion in relation to the interpretation if the prepositions are not used correctly.

  5. Hi I have been seen your channel and It has been helping me a lot I am from El Salvador and I am keen in learning English

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