2 thoughts on “"Adjudication hearings" in juvenile court

  1. Is there an attribution or copyright I can add to be able to use this image which is linked to this video? A psychologist who works with juvenile offenders would like to use it: http://prntscr.com/jk3uhr Please reply by response to this comment. Thank you.

  2. Most of the time the juvenile justice system treats all offenses as serious offenses and look for every way possible to get their pound of flesh. I worked in a juvenile placement for 10 yrs and saw plenty of kids meet bullshit requirements that had nothing to do with the offense they committed only to be given more bullshit requirements that would be near impossible for law abiding citizens not to break. They do whatever they can to keep as many in the system as possible to justify people's jobs. I am not saying that all juveniles are good or they wouldn't be in the system. I had one kid who got caught shoplifting and had no prior history of anything. They had to complete drug and alcohol testing and classes even though their crime was shoplifting. Their parents were forced to pay for bullshit classes that didn't relate to the offense and they didn't have the money. The system in cases like that is corrupt. A few years back some judges here in pa got long jail times when they got caught sending kids to placement to get kickbacks. I hope that in the situations like I brought up that they make the punishment fit the crime. Why would they need to complete drug and alcohol classes if they never had a history of it? Answer :to justify jobs and unnecessarily fuck kids over

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