Adjudication, with Yair Har-Oz

Our next workshop is run by the amazing Yair Har-Oz and will focus on adjudication. Please type your questions on the live chat on the side!

Yair is a Deputy Chief Adjudicator of Scottish EUDC 2018. He judged the Open Grand Final at Dutch WUDC 2017, where he also chaired the octo-finals. He previously broke at Thessaloniki WUDC 2016, and has broken as a judge at 20 other competitions. He has been on the adjudication team of 10 competitions, including the Jerusalem Open and The Israeli National Open Championship. As a speaker, Yair has won six competitions, including the Tilbury House IV. He has reached the finals of multiple other tournaments including the Budapest Open and Red Sea Open. He was the best speaker at the Israeli-university Sports Association Debate Tournament and at the TECHopen.


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