Adjustable wrench recovery – perfectly restored!

みんなこんにちは! このビデオでは、調整可能なレンチの優れた修復を示します。 あなたの意見、コメントや希望を待っています!みんなこんにちは! このビデオでは、調整可能なレンチの優れた修復を示します。 あなたの意見、コメントや希望を待っています!


43 thoughts on “Adjustable wrench recovery – perfectly restored!

  1. Hi, everybody! In this video I will show an excellent restoration of the adjustable wrench.
    Waiting for your opinion, comments and wishes!

  2. It would have been educational if you were to comment about what you were doing with each step. i.e. was that soap and water, etc. Otherwise learned a lot. Thanks. Whether or not it was a cheap tool doesn't matter. You got the rust off and got it to working. Proud of you~!

  3. I use undiluted Unitor Descaling Liquid. It's purpose is to clean ships holds from solidified cement after washing the cargo remains. It is also a perfect and fast rust remover in minutes. The steel becomes shiny. After a bath in Unitor Metal Brite the steel gets black and is a good base for any paint. Or lightly oiled in the workshop your tool will not rust.

  4. I can get a really nice 14" crescent wrench for $25-30 , I wouldn't mess with restoring a pos like this one , and I have no idea why you would paint the thing ?

  5. Dude I’ve watched soooo many restoration videos, and this was by far the absolute WORST!!! zero effort with even less knowledge!! I mean the damn bench grinder wasn’t even mounted to the damn table so you were chasing it around to buff. Not to mention the complete lack of sanding grit escalation! If I could down vote this video 1000 times I would just to save people the waste of time of ever watching it!! Total disgrace

  6. Having done several restorations of adjustable wrenches in the last year I can only offer the possible need to use heat, PB Blaster, WD-40, 30 weight oil, etc. to break it out. Avoid too much heat. Don't lose the tempering. I'm at the wire wheeling and final polishing of one that I started a few days ago. I tend to use files to clean up the ways but don't make it go sloppy with too much filing. Clean up the burrs and you're there. They're working tools so I don't get too fussy. It took me about two hours to break this one out, found in the salt brine of a boat bilge. Don't break or strip the threads of the barrel screw. I use a small vise grip to grasp lightly and slowly work it back and forth to loosen the threads. Lubricate with whatever anti sleaze, PB BLASTER liberally as you go. Throw propane heat on it, whatever it takes, but be patient. Heat, squirt, twist, repeat. You'll get or you won't and it's ready for the scrap metal bin. Chances are, you'll get it. I was lucky on this one. Someone else had tried and failed but got the barrel screw out far enough to grasp. Also, make sure your screwdriver fits perfectly in the slot. File it down to fit. Good luck. They make good presents for aspiring young mechanics. I giving this one to my granddaughter.

  7. I would have used a battery charger, a flat glass dish and tried electrolysis. It would have been a whole lot easier and much better looking. Give that a try next time and see what you think. When done, you better coat it with something or it will rust again.

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