Advanced Preview Configuration – Google Web Designer

In this video, Google Web Designer software engineer Natalie provides a walkthrough on the advanced preview configuration. The new preview modes for different document types let you easily resize the preview viewport. For responsive ads, you can see different-sized versions of your ad at the same time. For dynamic ads, you can preview multiple versions with different sample data feeds, all on the same page.

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9 thoughts on “Advanced Preview Configuration – Google Web Designer

  1. Natalie, great video. Is there a way I can create a responsive ad with multiple custom sizes so I can preview them all the way Advanced preview mode displays? Or do I need to depend on the Custom view always.

  2. Worst way to preview. !!!
    Preview, relaunch, close, preview, close, relaunch.
    I think it's easy for Google to make fresh preview available with one tab refresh. You can learn from Saola or Tumulth dude

  3. Hi Natalie, great video. I wanted to find out if you could create one ad in google web designer, and it creates other sizes for you? like you have in your advanced preview?

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