Adwords Search PPC – Introduction

Learn what Adwords Search PPC is in this basic video overview. We quickly introduce you to Adwords in this video and show you what an ad looks like.

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There is not a whole lot to understanding how Adwords Search works. You bid on keywords and the geographical location where you want those ads to show. When a user does a search for your keyword your had may show up.

The cost and ranking of the ad are dependent upon many different factors that we cover in-depth in this free Adwords training course.

Partial Transcription:

Hi, this is Jacob and welcome to Part 1 of our video course on AdWords search. In this video, we’re going to be covering, like I just mentioned, AdWords search. If you have never used AdWords before or more importantly, say, AdWords search before, then these training videos can be pretty overwhelming to start.

Don’t worry these are video recordings. You can always go back for every video. We’re going to have a written guide and I highly recommend if you have questions, to kind of go through the written guide because we are going to have detailed images inside each and every guide. That should really help you out and we will be rewording things slightly differently in the guides themselves and in the videos. A lot of these videos I am semi-winging it. So I just have an outline that I want to go through with everybody and kind of the flow that should work best for this training series.

Now, I tried to break up every single video into shorter formats. So every video should be around five minutes long or so, and we’ll categorize each video in each section. So you’re going to be able to easily refind your place, and hopefully you’ll get a lot out of it there.

I would recommend, even if you are an expert marketer, not to skip any of the videos because for the most part, every single video here is going to have some golden nuggets in it. And I guarantee you even if you are an expert in the field and have been doing AdWords for several years, you’re going to pick up some really good information in here.

At the very least, it will reinforce some of the good habits you have and help to identify some of the bad habits that you have when you are creating PPC campaigns. And a good place to start is what is AdWords search? So AdWords search is going to be simply when you go to and you do a search. So in this example, I’m going to say Denver Dentists and we’re gonna see ads that show up here.

So here is Affordable Dentists at, Comfort Dental, NineDollarExam. So I’m not going to exactly to click on some of these ads, but let me point out something here. I am not in Denver, I am in Minnesota, I’m in the Twin Cities. So when I look at somebody’s ad here, we’re going to see that there’s a few people who are bidding and they are probably paying a few bucks a click for these, but I’m not in their city.

So they’re probably wasting a lot of money, just not being local, truly in their ads. And this is just one of those things I see everyday, all the time, everywhere I look, and I will cover more into this in detail as we go on.


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