AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 1 : Create an AdWords campaign that reaches new customers

Google AdWords is now Google Ads. Click here to learn more about our new advertising brand:

To start showing AdWords ads, you need to create a campaign in AdWords. Learn how to build an AdWords campaign that’s specific to your business goals with this interactive video guide.
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29 thoughts on “AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 1 : Create an AdWords campaign that reaches new customers

  1. Wonderful video, I really learned a lot of things about Google Adwords
    . Thanks a lot. Keep going. | Result Driven Google Ads Agency

  2. If they taught you how to do it well, they wouldn't make as much money. The more money campaigns hemorrhage by not being optimized, the larger their bottom line becomes.

  3. I have created an ad extension at my account but doesn't show up in my ad although google has approved the extensions…..Can you help me please?

  4. i want to know if i have launched a campaign with daily budget of let's assume $100 for Pay per click, if i don't got enough traffic clicks to consume this budget in one same day what will be charged by google

  5. i have created an campaign an set the cpv manual to rupess0.03 cpv
    but after transaction viewing my campaign it is showing rupess0.00/day
    plz help me out , i have made 1000 rs transactions is the ad staryed automatically or what?

  6. The adwords process is designed for marketting experts. It's just too complicated for me. Also, there appears to be no way to wipe an account clean. You can 'cancel' an account but it's ghost remains. I would like to start all over but just can't. I am good at manufacture but the complete lack of recommendation by Google of a good marketer means I am at the mercy of less than reputable marketers so it's no more adwords for me.

  7. Hello please it’s my first campaign and it refuses to take me to the main homepage editor .. am being forced to do Text Ads I want to do video ads

  8. i would like to ask that i made a adwords account and i paid 50 dhs, i made also group and compaign but status shows
    "eligible" what does it mean, should we start it again or something else ?

  9. hi we need to sign in just for practice purpose or on a serious note? cuz i want to learn and practice the same process so.

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