Age & Aging: Crash Course Sociology #36

People are getting older – not just in the individual sense, but the human population itself. Today we’re going to explore those shifting patterns and their implications. We’ll go over the biological, psychological, and cultural aspects of aging, including some of the particular challenges that older individuals face.

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41 thoughts on “Age & Aging: Crash Course Sociology #36

  1. Culture
    1 age stratification Hunter gather as burdens industrial older moved out of labour competition with younger works info society
    2 effect on informal sector worker more severe
    3 job = social worth
    4 loss of friends
    5 fear if death

  2. Not a word about medical advances leading to rejuvenation of aging people. Well, this was made in 2017. In 2019, massive funds are pouring into research on the root causes of aging. Don't think this isn't going to pan out. It will. No discussion of an aging population is complete without it.

  3. Finally the ones who don't watch CrashCourse for knowledge are gone, it's peace now. Those dumbos made the comment section worst for 4 videos , just because they are prejudiced dumb people.

  4. Thank God this video is in normal speaking pace. Few of the videos were super fast talking, hard to catch up and seemed like oversmartness

  5. ok so lets stop death, the perception that immortality is bad is just a reaction to the innevitable truth – we will all die (so lets justify it, therefore we don't feel so sad). This perspective slows down progress towards immortality.

  6. Is there any empirical evidence that older people in hunter-gatherer societies are given less respect than in agricultural society? That seems like a pretty bold claim, given what we know of hunter-gatherer societies and caregiving.

  7. My favorite part about age:
    "Wow you can do that when you're so young. You got a bright future!"
    "You're doing that just now? You're so slow. Get a life!"

  8. Aging may not always provide wisdom, but it certainly provides perspective. Youth may be wasted on the young, but retirement can also lay waste to the old. Everyone knows or has heard of the man who retires around 65 and is dead within 24 months. Why is that? One factor may be social isolation, another may be a lack of self-worth.

    If you define yourself by your job (I'm a teacher or doctor or plumber), retirement may cause a loss of identity or purpose. Volunteering or working part-time may help both of these, and learning new things daily, I believe, helps to keep your mind young.

    Age discrimination in the workforce is real and it is a shame; we need experienced workers to pass on their knowledge to the next generations.

  9. "Every second you're sitting there surfing the internet, you're getting one second older." K I didn't ask for an existential crisis.

  10. Societies with birthrates under 1.8 children/women either collapse or get destroyed. To help your society avoid this fate, have lots of children, at least five.

  11. Finally a good vid in the series, you handled the subject quite well and were quite accurate, scientific and objective, wish all the vids in this series were like this one, we don't talk enough about the subject of aging and elderly people and the problems they face.

    Strange thing though, i know you are focusing on USA most of the time but i expected you to bring up Japan and at least compare it with the USA since their aging population phenomena is far ahead for everyone else, they are having very low birth rates and also very low death rates, compounded by how hard it is for legal refugees to settle in Japan the country as a whole is getting very old very fast … it would have been interesting if you also looked into all the ways the Japanese gov tried to solve the problem and haven't had much success so far.

  12. Have enjoyed this course, though I think there was a missed opportunity to introduce Peter Medawar's theory of senescence here.

  13. Older people aren't considered a complete burden in hunter-gatherer societies, grandparents are very useful for looking after kids so that their parents can keep doing useful things

  14. This is a great overview of the topic! I’m so happy crash course is covering aging, which is often an ignored topic and demographic.

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