Age of Mythology on Android

Age of Mythology Gold Edition on Samsung Galaxy S10e via Exagear Windows with WineD3D

1) Install Exagear Windows with Mesa3D and WineD3D libraries
The whole instalation guide is here:

The app is not available on the playstore anymore because the developer discontinued it
2) Install Age of Mythology on your PC
3) Modify the startuppersistent.cfg from your Age of Mythology installation path. Add +noIntroCinematics parameter and save the file.
4) Copy the whole Age of Mythology folder to the “Download” of your android phone
5) Start Exagear Windows
6) Create/Open new container
7) Go to Age of Mythology folder and start the game with aom.exe


10 thoughts on “Age of Mythology on Android

  1. I have a problem, I did all the steps but I get "The log file cannot be created. Make sure you have all the rights to the file in the directory where you have installed Age Of Mythology and that there is enough disk space . Error: Path not found.

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