Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon – 4. Trapped

The heroes decide to summon Dilong themselves, but Danzhu has them cornered in the mountain pass.


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24 thoughts on “Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon – 4. Trapped

  1. Viper, since this episode didn't have ear raping unbalanced music, you should have played sax to compensate.

  2. 0:47 "This is the rast hole for which a ritual is required to summon Dirong" – feel like I'm enjoying this campaign for all the wrong reasons.

  3. It did say, at the beginning, not to bother attacking the enemy as they were to powerful…but AI doesn't know it's up against the Viper. LOL

  4. We all know western players like WOLOLO , but "monk" just didn't exist at that period of time ("Monks" started to appear in China in late Han Dynasty)
    It feels so weird as a Chinese to watch this Chinese AOM campaign

    Btw, wtf is this Chris on the prowl? (3:10)

  5. Endgame
    Viper doesn’t really care anymore
    Five dragons: I’m gonna counterattack. Gets bodied immediately 🤣

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