31 thoughts on “Age of Mythology Tale of the dragon Ending


    "Hey titan we need to use your uber super power to restore stuff and things"
    " 'key "
    Shit's done.


  2. Oh man, when that song starts at 2:04 it's like going back in time. Why did I have to get so old? Why, god, why? I wanna go back! =(

  3. Wait, is this real!? I thought it was a mod or a joke. Just by the amount of reused assets… ugh. Age of mythology was literally about the unique aspects each faction had

  4. >Pangu looks like a retextured prometheus
    >His intro is a retextured atlantean titan intro
    >All the voice acting from AOE2
    >All these reused assets
    What the fuck, this is an OFFICIAL EXPANSION?!
    This looks like some half assed mod.

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