Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon Gameplay Shennong

Here is some skirmish gameplay of Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon with the chinese civilization using the god Shennong. I`ll be doing a video on each of the gods so that I can show off the full arsenal of what the Chinese civilization has to offer in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon!

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25 thoughts on “Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon Gameplay Shennong

  1. not sure if you already know this, but the reason the Titan difficulty is so difficult is because they have the handicap set to 200%, so they start with double resources and they do everything twice as fast. the only times I play Titan is when I am with friends and we go all against one or two titans.

  2. 'The more farms the better, right?' No, not in classical. You should hunt first before spending precious resources.

  3. Hi, I've downloaded this expansion but I haven't bought it. The game is perfect with colours, music. It's just that is too fucking slow and it's unplayable. Do you how can I fix it please?

  4. Me my brother and cousin play online 3v3,i pick gaia cousin picks loki and brother picks set…. we're versing isis, zeus and a chinese god. Game begins well we focus on zeus and destroy him tjen 3v2 good right? well my cousin gets attacked by both i help but my brother…he…. sends his army to a enemy base the chinese and gets destroyed.Then my cousin is defeatedmy brothet then im alone 2v1.i kill isis then tje chinese summon a titan…i die

  5. Embarrassingly bad performance against the AI,and terrible attention to detail, but it's a much appreciated early showcase of the Chinese – my thanks.

  6. Northman gods where always more aggressive it.  The reason is they have to fight/kill to get favor more then the rest of the other gods.  So for a more challenging AI always select them as enemy. Or so it always seems in my games

  7. Thanks for showcasing all the major gods. Glad that you were the one to first do so. Couple things to note though. 1. That was Odin's raven, not an eagle 2. the reason your units were moving so slow was because the had to move at the same speed as the siege that was in their group.

  8. Nice gameplay. However, i thought you could have gotten economic upgrades a bit earlier also armory upgrades. PS Do like the new dlc?

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