Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon Mission 1 Rising Waters

Welcome to Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon! In this video will be going over the Tale of the Dragon DLC for Age of Mythology. This will be a Let`s Play of the Tale of the Dragon Campaign starting with the first mission Rising Waters. This expansion pack adds in the Chinese civilization into the game bringing along new gods and new myth units into the game.

Campaign Playlist :

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46 thoughts on “Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon Mission 1 Rising Waters

  1. i grew up watching my mum play Age of Mythology, me reading & explaining the english for her, and then occasionally playing specific missions after she'd unlocked them.

    i learned that a CHINESE campaign(!!!) existed via a Steam sale so i bought the Extended Edition in a bundle (we HAVE the base via the Golden Edition but the DLC was weirdly cheaper if i bought everything, apparently), forgot about it for a year, then finished the classic & atlantean campaigns over last & this month, and started the Chinese campaign today.

    i've been playing on Normal (i was really young the first time i played the game & spent most of my time Advising Mum rather than ACTUALLY playing it) and… wow, the first mission of Dragon was Badly Instructed?

    it took me seven salamander waves before i figured out where exactly this "dam" was, busy attempting to figure how the Chinese Civilisation worked (no cool voice acted promo like in Classic? BOO!)… aaaand i sort of quit it to find a Let's Play before another attempt.

    this video has already been Incredibly Helpful by informing me THERE IS MORE THAN ONE DAM & What The Ever Loving Heck will actually kill those sallies: "walls" of Gardens to bottleneck their path, since Actual Walls aren't available in this scenario, ALL OF THE TOWERS (upgrading to Guard ASAP), fire ships, and ranged infantry!

    oddly enough, there's a relic right north-east of the town centre (following the road leading thataways) and it's Obviously Marked, all but signposted with columns, but… game designers. the scenario doesn't let you build temples. does that mean there's a claimable temple somewhere on the map? or was the relic a Helpful Notifier/Taunt that "oh, you can't temple, now you know"?

    your commentary was A+ & i feel a lot more confident going into my restart now i know the lizards CAN be stalled (via sacrificing peasants to lead them astray while everyone else whammies them)! :F

  2. you were getting a lot of wood, so just keep building houses until you reach pop capacity and then crank villagers out of the town hall. Villagers are the best for getting resources, instead of civ gimmicks like gardens, from what it looks like. Pretty basic AoE tactic

  3. So, here is a problem I am facing right now. I downloaded Age of Mythology: tales of the dragons. It wont open until I install steam and run it. After creating a steam account and running it, i tried to open the game but instead, it tells me to buy the game now. So why would there be a downloadable folder if it only needs to be bought????

  4. sighs….I would buy this… HARDWARE COPIES of the basic game….
    but since microsoft is hell bent on either forceing people to rebuy games evry 5th year…or outright hook them to a 'game store' deguised drm protection racket…fuuuuuuuuck you

  5. dont waste tıme wıth garden and another somthıngs just buıld walls and defend ur workers


  6. This isn't a dlc. I'll bet its a fan made mod. And if it's actually is made by the developers… that would be a great disappointement.

  7. Does someone know where I can buy Tale of the Dragon but not in steam? I´ve searched for a long time without findindg anything…

  8. Its so weird, when I play this mission I start in the first age unlike you. You start in the second age.
    Anyone any idea why this is? Maybe my game is bugged, I already checked the integrity of my game files on steam.
    The mission also just randomly says that I have been defeated…

  9. you dont need to be a native chinese citizen to know what mahi mahi is. makes me assume you eat pizzapockets all day

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