Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon Mission 2 To the West

To the West! Our heroes continue the journey as they try to find answers to these mysterious attacks

Welcome to Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon! In this video will be going over the Tale of the Dragon DLC for Age of Mythology. This will be a Let`s Play of the Tale of the Dragon Campaign. This expansion pack adds in the Chinese civilization into the game bringing along new gods and new myth units into the game.

Campaign Playlist :

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26 thoughts on “Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon Mission 2 To the West

  1. That god powers acts like Odin's Great Hunt (creates clones of animals) except that it only works on soldiers.

  2. it took two years… two fucking years ;-; (I know this is old but still) I love aom but this by far is my fav <3

  3. You know, where you receive a tiny village, if you go north there, you find 2 gold mines, and a Monk offering to show you a short cut through the mountains. If you bring him a relic.

    I actually walled opposed to the AI's walls and am in the process of searching the relic

  4. Wouldn't say bad. It had everything that the other mummy movies in (and considering I loved those movies that's a good thing) I just couldn't get over how it was in China. Like why? Why not just keep it in Egypt?

  5. The visual effects, the whole campaign seems wishwash…. it's not an expansion, looks like a poorly made mod… >->

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