Age of Mythology – Tale of the Dragon PVP First match✔

First look at the new major god: Nu Wa from the new Age of Mythology Extended Edition DLC Tale of the Dragon.
Taunt: 021 i’m scoutin.mp3 – that taunts summarizes this match. scoutin all over the map all game long baby.
In this video we explain the build order for nu wa and how to play her at high level pvp!


18 thoughts on “Age of Mythology – Tale of the Dragon PVP First match✔

  1. After the patches the Chinese seem almost too weak now, I lose all my elo because everyone just is a norse civ and rushes me. ugh.

  2. omg that economy 😀 I'm really bad at chinese at the moment and trying to learn them(especially nü wa) and this video was way too useful to me 😀 thank you 😀

  3. PLEASE let me play with you guys. Im german as well as most of the guys in the game lobby. Im not the best AOM player so i wanna learn some things. Mapcontrol f.e. Are you playing on steam? Add me "Vercingetorix"

  4. What do you make of Mounted Archers? They can have 170hp with Stirrups. Are they a contender to Chariot Archers, but with less range and damage but cheaper cost, more hp, and a possible damage multiplier against archers?

  5. Do the scouts do reduced damage to normal military units? They dont look that bad for fighting in terms of their raw stats.

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