43 thoughts on “Age of Mythology – Tale of the Dragon Review!

  1. I just finished the first mission of the campaign and its easily the worth mission I've done, hated everything about it. I've already done Trident and the Brok campaign.

  2. I have played the AoM campaign about 10 times, finished it this week again, and it is STILL unbelievably good, well-narrated and you can see the love in every detail. And this…this is worse than fan-made mods. 🙁

  3. I bought the extension pack £6.99, hated everything about it. Changing the original title music and colour was the main disappointment and I never liked any or the new OP civs. Uninstalled the update and now back to the original how I like it.

  4. I would love it if they introduced Indians too… There are diverse mythical creatures and Gods in Indian mythology… It would be really interesting to play!!

  5. I'm going to make a mod that completely replaces the Atlanteans with Minecraftians. It'll be called Age of Minecraft.

  6. Yeah the 4th age God powers are pretty dope, the flood is especially good if you're loosing and wanna crash the multiplayer session
    I shit you not, i tried using that spell with 2 buddies of mine and i could consistently crash the session

  7. Ive been a long time fan as well and i was so excited to see they released a new dlc but the reviews really scared me. Thanks for the vid.

  8. the people who are responsible for this game need to stop being lazy and start making an Age of Mythology 2 ffs, all they've been focused on was on Age of empires, then the 3rd game came and they just stopped, why can't they make AOM2???

  9. Is the game really fucking up your main game some people say ? because I want this one but I am affraid it will fuck over the original game …

  10. I paid 48 AUD (37 USD) for this game!!! I love age of mythology so I thought I might as well so I hope it was worth it!!

  11. Wow, I've been playing AOM offline for 14 years offline. I thought surely i was the only one on the planet that still played it. Just discovered the Extended Edition today, wondering how to make the old one work on Windows 10.

  12. I hope the make more expansions, Celtic, Aztec/Maya/Inca, Mesopotamia, Bantoe, North America Indians and Hawaii/Polynesia.

  13. I'd like to point out two major issues I've had with the Chinese: With the exception of the Vermillion Bird, all of their myth units are melee, and offer very little in terms of unique abilities, they all do more or less the same thing, the Qilin and Jiangshi are likely the most unique, with the Qilin's AoE heal offering a support aspect to them, and the Jiangshi's health drain being interesting in extended fighting.
    The other point, is that the Chinese have no good counter to archers until the Mythic age. Chu Ko Nu and Cataphract work, but not well. You need to be able to produce enough resources to out-archer your enemy with Chu Ko Nu (Not an easy or good solution), or you'd need to have a huge resource advantage to produce enough Cataphract (Rather expensive) to deal with an enemy formation of archers.
    I've also found that campaign is kinda glitchy and unclear in several areas, primarily the last few missions, it seems that the triggers are messed up somewhere in there.

  14. How is the game performance-wise? Many on Steam forums are complaining that the game doesn't run at all, or it runs at low framerates.

  15. i am a big fan of aom and i still play it after 7-8 time completing, But on lan mostly with my friends & i was unaware of the expansion cause who would expect an expansion after 14 years! so i wants to see if the new expansion worth the money . thank you for showing me the game and i hope to see age of mythology 2 instead of another age of empire game . (keep up the good work)

  16. The titan is ridiculous … his attack animation , did you guys see that ? I can see that this expansion has been purely made for money , not for the sake of breathing some life into my favorite franchise .

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