8 thoughts on “Airbnb in Saigon – the colonial era Nguyen Van Hao building

  1. I been to vn several times and used airbnb. And this apartment is expensive !!..the location is good but the decoration of the place is not so good compare to what I already rented in vn..definitely, I wouldn't rent that home

  2. I have always been curious about this NG.V.HAO building, and assumed it belonged to a wealthy family in Saigon back in the old time.

  3. I have been to Vietnam many times. I would love to rent an Airbnb. I have stayed in private homes before. I would recommend window screens to keep the flies and mosquitoes out. Bugs are a big problem in vietnam.

  4. I'd consider $120 a bit pricey since a lot of hotels are in the same price bracket or cheaper in the area, include breakfast, and are friendly and safe too. Nice video and keep up the good work, Mark.

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