Alibaba’s keyless and cashless hotel is straight out of the future | CNBC Reports

Imagine skipping hotel check-in and walking straight to your room with a scan of your face. This could soon become a reality at many hotels in China and around the world. CNBC’s Uptin Saiidi experiences what the hotel of the future may look like and Alibaba’s ambitious plans for the sector.


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38 thoughts on “Alibaba’s keyless and cashless hotel is straight out of the future | CNBC Reports

  1. Still prefer humans, you know you can meet at the hotel have a good conversation and hook up sometimes soo i prefer human

  2. If this hotel is in the US
    people: wow, how innovative and convienient it is, we dont have to speak with check-in staffs any more, this is the real life in the future.
    And it is in China
    people: i do like communicating with the professional staffs at reception, and it will be lonely for human beings bla bla, there are less jobs blabla,,,,btw, i dont trust the facial recognition, because of privacy and human rights, bla bla and more

  3. I normally never compliment people because most things are not a surprise for me… But I have to shamelessly & happily admit Jack Ma impresses me deeper and deeper every time I look at him, read him, hear him, watch him or even think of him….
    For the first time ever, I wanna say …
    "Whatta Guy !!"

  4. Wow, mind-blowing. The way he speaks Chinese is just so hilarious. Tmall Jingling just said it is too hard for me to understand (your Chinese). Haha.

  5. This looks like a complete nightmare! No front desk? How is this an improvement? That front lobby looked like a futuristic mausoleum – cold and uninviting. Yuck

  6. If it is for holiday I will definitely not book with them but for short and quick stay maybe. I feel it is a bit depressing though.

  7. Dehumanization on an unimaginable scale!…Everything is done for the absolute control of humanity!…Do not get carried away in this beautiful story, as a two-edged sword!…The technology is good, only if you can control it … NOT THEM!😉😎

  8. Ordering via QR code from a restaurant is already a common practice in China. I am okay if I were eating at fast food restaurants or some small eateries. But if I were dining at a decent restaurant, I expect to be served by a human who can tell where their fish is imported or what seafood is fresh today.

  9. What will human do when everthing is replaced with technology? Hospitality is what can't be replaced.. this hotel is sick.
    Just imagine.. in few years, even the knob in the door will get lost, you dont collect the dinner from the counter, you dont walk but take the horizontal elevator. What you do is just stand, sit, eat and die!

  10. If this is the future for the kids and grandchildren god help us. We are gonna have a society full of anti social behavior and it is gonna become the norm. Apart of going on vacation is meeting new people and the lovely staff that caters to you. Not a fan

  11. Maybe in future…most of the jobs will be done by the machines….n… humans shall only be employed to generate the power to run them…

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