Alissa Violet Shares CONFIDENTIAL Photos After Getting Hacked!

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Another day, another YouTuber is out here leaking their own photos. This time it’s Alissa Violet who just posted a photo of herself on Instagram. Was she hacked? Does it have anything to do with any of her famous exes? We’re here to break it all down for you.

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27 thoughts on “Alissa Violet Shares CONFIDENTIAL Photos After Getting Hacked!

  1. As Whoopi Goldberg said – just don’t. If you want to make sure that doesn’t happen at all, don’t take any…I doubt they were forced to take nudies, so I don’t want to be hearing any ‘I feel publicly raped’ as if they had minus 0% control over that in the first place.

    They should just admit they made a mistake, aren’t fond of the consequences and then move on.

  2. Bullshit. That’s simply the new way to post tasteful nudes without judgement. Bella started it and I believed her bc hers were actual nudes.Weve all seen Alyssa in bras, bikinis, little tops, jokingly flashing when she has a bra on. How is that so different from an arm? No. She’s newly single and wanted to post that picture but didn’t want to deal w people saying she’s thirsty and vain etc so she did it like this. Who has only one sexy picture and is totally covered in it? Nudes are kind of a “you have them or you don’t” kind of thing.

  3. So disgusting now become trend. I wonder if they hv pic spreading their legs & show their pussy, would they date to post? Disgusting human being

  4. This literally makes no sense that's like someone threatening to shoot you in the head, but instead you take a gun and shoot your own self in the head to quote "take your power back"….wtf would it matter? You've already done the other person's dirty work for them!! They already one!! How is that gaining any power?? Now your naked body will forever be out there on the internet and Lord forbid anything happens to your career of fame and fortune or you get older and may decide to step down from all of that and actually work like a normal person because guess who won't get hired????

  5. Whoopi needs to get a life. Bella's perfect. Rock on girls. Leak or get hacked…you're all gorgeous. People are just jealous. Ignore them

  6. Well with james he didn't show know proof that someone was threatening to release his nudes unlike the girls showing real proof of there's

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