Amaizing colored chicks | Разноцветные цыплята

Amaizing colored chicks – Manila Philippines
Разноцветные цыплята продаются на улицах Манилы (Филиппины)
Видеокамера Panasonic HDC-TM700


11 thoughts on “Amaizing colored chicks | Разноцветные цыплята

  1. these chicks are so cute i use to get theses all the time as a kid don't worry about the cruelty they never lived more than a day.

  2. This is horrible! These chicks will end up going to some kids who will NOT care for them. They will die of neglect. If they make it to adulthood, they will probably be a "burden" and be taken to the Human Society where no one will adopt them. They will end up dead. DO NOT buy these as pets (especially for children). The only people who should be buying this are those who are farmers or people who understand what it means to care for an animal that may live for 15 years.

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