Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) | BYU Noteworthy (Chris Tomlin A Cappella Cover)

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BYU Noteworthy members (2015–16):
Allyssa Jex Blake, Sarah Cunha, Alyssa Flake, Alyssa Aramaki Hazen, Rachael Holt, Jessica McKay Johnson, Janae Klumpp, Tressa Roberts, Taylor Whitlock Smith; director: Keith McKay Evans

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Written by Traditional, Chris Tomlin, Keith Evans (add’l new verse)
Originally performed by Chris Tomlin
Arranged by Keith Evans
Performed by BYU Noteworthy (2015-16)
Produced by Keith Evans and McKay Crockett
Executive Producer: Ben Fales (BYU Records)
Mixed by Darren Rust
Mastered by Troy Sales
© BYU Records 2015

Director: Keith Evans
Cinematography & Post Production/Editing: Marcus Joseph

Aerial footage: Kelly Wilkins
Executive Producers: Ben Fales (BYU Records) and Shane Wright (BYU Performing Arts Management)
© BYU Records 2015


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23 thoughts on “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) | BYU Noteworthy (Chris Tomlin A Cappella Cover)

  1. Ela é muito linda, obrigado por colocar isso no YouTube. Essas mulheres são muito talentosas. Vocês não acham.

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  5. I pray Mormons will believe what they are singing! Their Mormon doctrine says they can only be saved by works without the free gift of God! O dear God please help the Mormons to read the Bible and find salvation through Jesus death on the cross! There is no elevated man that can become a god and have a wife and produce children! This is a false religion! Their temple rituals are occult, from Freemasonry.

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