Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder: Best Tasting Green Powder?

Is this the best tasting green superfood powder?

I recently tried some Amazing Grass Green Superfood.

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Allen Williams



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40 thoughts on “Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder: Best Tasting Green Powder?

  1. I love how excited he is to share his discovery of this green powder.. 😊 thank you for the review!!! I probably get it

  2. Yes, I use this already, I used the individual packets the first time and then ordered the large container. I add it in my green smoothies even with greens. Thanks for the video. God Bless!!

  3. Been drinking AG everyday for about a year, and one thing for certain is that you gotta drink the flavored ones before transitioning to the original blend. Gotta train your taste buds. 👏

  4. This video is so great because you literally embodied how it feels, having the green drink for the first time! Hahaha yea it’s the bomb man!!

  5. I make a smoothie every morning with super greens. Oatmeal,banana,blueberrys,almond milk,ice,almond butter,cinnamon,protein powder and liquid eggwhites. Best damn smoothie u will ever have.

  6. Love the video! We’d love to send you a free unit of our Wheatgrass Juice Powder to try! We are a best seller on Amazon
    Let us know!
    Also, we can give discounts to your audience on our website JW15OFF

  7. I really enjoyed your energy and input.  Just picked some up.  Maybe it will bring me some of your joy?  lol.  Thank you!

  8. I’ve sworn by this for years. I healed my daughters eczema with daily use. Love love love!!! I just learned about hydrogen peroxide. Love your videos!!

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