Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review – Here's Everything You Need To Know

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Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review (as seen in the video):
Original Flavor:
Lemon-Lime Energy:

Here’s an in depth review of Amazing Grass Green Superfood. This review provides you everything you need to know; from quality, to taste, to benefits, to price, to nutrients… even to gas issues!!!

This is an amazing wheatgrass powder with other key ingredients like barley grass and alfafa.

Enjoy this Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review, “like”, and comment with any question!


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37 thoughts on “Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review – Here's Everything You Need To Know

  1. Thank you for such a thorough detailed review. I now know that this is a product that could help me with the overall points you explained.

  2. Put some in a vita mixer with fresh ginger, kale, flaxseed or whatever is in the frig……not big on the fruit junk (too much sugar) blueberries sometimes,

  3. And I am guessing that you eat a meal of "real" food for supper? I want to try this product just not sure yet how to do it so thank you for making this video.

  4. I put it in my applesauce ..and when i say i am poooppppiinng ..😂 tmi i know but..hey that's something you wanna know ESPECIALLY if you need a good cleans

  5. Hey man wanna say awesome video, really cool review!

    I had a question for you though, is there some other way to reach you?

  6. It's good that you recommend Organifi over this product due to the fraudulent claims about alf alfa roots…huh..?

  7. Your voice is too soft; have to increase to full volume to listen. No need to declare that you are an Amazon affiliate?

  8. I just started SWEET BERRY. I wanted to use Oranifi green but I could not afford it. Totally bummed". Hope this product is comparable. Any feedback on this issue? Organising green & red sound amazing.$$$$

  9. This video was produced in 2016. Amazing Grass changed their formula last year…and, the 'new' stuff is nothing near amazing.
    When reading the list of ingredients, pay attention to what they DON'T have.
    Plus, the new version is really 'gritty',
    Drinking it mixed with water is a task…it tastes pretty bad. Sure, you can slam it back, but… 😉
    However, to be fair, if you mix it with orange juice or something a bit thicker, the grittiness is masked making the stuff much more palatable.
    I've used the product daily for the past 6 months and, candidly, haven't felt any differently.
    Yes, I'm a very healthy 50…maybe that has something to do with it. Any positive benefit for me was not noticeable. I didn't have any negative side effects either.
    I hope that you get some positive benefits.

  10. i dont do well with caffeine like coffee. stimualants give me anxiety and makes my heart race sooo would this stuff not be for me?

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