Amazing Race Season 29 Winners Brooke and Scott at Finale Party

Amazing Race Season 29 winners discuss their journey with Afterbuzz TV’s Desola Bologun.

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9 thoughts on “Amazing Race Season 29 Winners Brooke and Scott at Finale Party

  1. The absolute worst result ever. Brooke was such a whiner. I hope she watches herself and thinks before she talks in the future.

  2. Great, never seen this and was looking for season 29 to watch (Seeing season 30 has just started and i have no idea) Thanks for the big fat title that popped up in the overview. You just had to put the names in the title huh? Just "winners" wasn't spoilery, edgy or clickbaity enough i guess…

  3. I was one of the 1% of viewers that were pulling for Scott and Brooke. They did a great job and deserve more accolades than what I have read from hundreds of bitter viewers on Social Media. They act like they didn't win fair and square and that too many teams helped Brooke in the ladle challenge. The one female helped her cut the circle and then Mike showed her how to do one thing. They did not do the task for her. I heard Samir and Sarah were far behind. I am sure Brooke would have come thru and finished the challenge without any help or support. Omg she complained alot? That makes her an evil undeserving winner? They think that is how she acts in every day life. I loved seeing how happy she was in these videos. The girl became a lawyer for crying out loud. She obviously is ambitious and has the determination to get things done. I have heard rumors of her on the new season of Big Brother. Damn I hope that is true but Inquisitr always likes to post alot of nonsense so who knows. Congrats Brooke and Scott. Screw the haters.

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