AMAZING Science Experiments With Magnets – Oddly Satisfying Video

Top 10 amazing science experiments compilation with magnets that it’s an oddly satisfying video. Super cool science experiments for kids and adults. Top 10 most amazing science experiments you can do at home. Easy science experiments that look like magic. Oddly satisfying video.

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Crazy Mega Magnetic Levitation ( New magnet secrets )

Magnetic Putty 2

Playing With Ferrofluid!

Magnetic Levitation with Induction

Floating globe, magnetic levitation, HD 1080p

Ferrofluid Sculpture

Colliding Super Strong Magnets in 240fps slowmo (Neodymium)

Ferrofluid Display – Programmable Liquid Metal Professional Exhibit

Super-strong neodymium magnets destroying everyday items in slow motion

Magnet & Magnetic Putty – Time Lapse

Magnetic Silly Putty Time Lapse

I did a science today


37 thoughts on “AMAZING Science Experiments With Magnets – Oddly Satisfying Video

  1. This is Bendy interacting with metal things he like them he also grow spikes (only when hes oiled) when interacting them -Joey drew Studios.

  2. GODDAMMIT!!!! The fucking music made me gay again. There goes another month of my life. The wife will NOT be happy. Told her it was a one-time thing.

  3. Oh diablos, soy tonto al saber que esto es ciencia

    Edit: oh sorry, this is English; oh hell naw, I am to dumb to know that this is science

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